Ladies, It Is Time for Liftoff ;; KPOP Ladies and songs for Summer


They got a boy

You bad, bad, bad, boy you so bad.

make me choose: 2NE1 or SNSD, asked by anon

"I’ve heard so much talk about how I look more like Yoona unnie than Jessica unnie."

1/endless reasons I can’t leave kpop:: Kim Taeyeon

Q: Do you have great expectations for the 30′s coming up, or nostalgia of the 20′s that are going past?

Taeyeon: I keep on wanting to feel something new. So I’m really, really curious about my 30′s. The feelings of a 24-year old, the feelings of a 25-year old, and the things you feel in autumn and winter are all different. So, rather than time that’s passed, I always think the times that are drawing near are all precious. Moving forward is more important.(CeCi Magazine Interview:2013)

snsd emojis

funny snsd backstage moments

Yoona: The other members tell me I do the Sangmo dance when I sleep.

snsd was the final act for all three 2013 gayos

You, who have changed my normal life, are my dancing queen