Jealous Bommie?
nana and her roommate were having a mini party in their room and asked chanyeol to join them + wifebeater n___n

How Bom acts pretty. (‿‿─”)

petition to disallow them leaving the house without adult supervision

lee dahae’s guest appearance on roommate

Chanyeol’s fear of bees {trans}


Nana in Ceci June 2014

scanned by 카프카

When Nana meets 2NE1

Bomna hug ft. 2ne1’s reaction()


Roommate’s very own 4D couple.. (/)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

8/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; im jinah.

q: what genre do you think fits you the most? "um, slightly lively and cute things? i thought that’s what suited me. however, since i’ve gotten into after school, i’ve tried many other styles and found that other things suit me as well. so…i’m happy!" -nana when she first debuted