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There is a lot of fun stuff on here so please feel free to explore. My blog is multifandom; meaning that I don't only reblog one group, though majority of my post are female groups. (Though I have a soft spot for Bangtan) To see some of the other groups I reblog a lot check my Kpop tags. I don't limit myself to just kpop and the other tags I use are all under the tags, tag. I'm a very opinionated girl and if you want to give a penny for my thoughts check that tag. Just have fun, and if you have anything to say to me hit up my ask.
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Nana showing off her fries-inspired costume on Instagram

[1/3] Favorite Female Subunits

Orange Caramel (After School): Raina, Nana, and Lizzy

"I twist up my lipstick and kiss your lips, I secretly smear on top of your breathtaking collarbone." -Lipstick
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Q : When was Orange Caramel members ‘golden ages’?

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orange caramel
眠れる森 (nana solo)
orange caramel
orange caramel | 眠れる森 (nana solo)
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After School's NANA & Lee Jong Suk on J Style Magazine