[!] Gongchan called Hongbin for speed quiz on Sukira

Gongchan calls Hongbin “Choco” while Hongbin calls Gongchan “Chanshikie!”

hyuk and ken with jackson and jb a couple of random backup dancers

namjoon the brain and taehyung the clown

V just wants to sleep without all the tomfoolery


"The strange dance they danced to in the making was originally the choreography. A famous foreign choreographer gave it to them but it was strange so it was changed."

in which v scores a four dollar discount and the shop owner’s number 

As ot6 !! thank you for the past 2 years thank you for working hard and making good music for us hello cupids, thank you for everything. Even though hello venus won’t be the same we will always support you girls (ot6)  no matter what. please continue to achieve your dreams and please always be happy. 

happy 25th birthday tiffany!

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 01. Tsukino Usagi

jimin: tony, i love you


how to treat your slaves: a complete walkthrough by min yoongi


“… I have been thinking that I am very fortunate. Because when I debuted, I gave many thanks to God for letting me have eight new family members, and this year I am very pleased to spend my birthday together with everyone here. There is a letter I wrote to SNSD members on my birthday. I wanted to read out the same letter to fans. It was a very long letter but in short, thank you for becoming a part of our family. In a family, we encounter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things, however, let’s be together forever until the end. I love you.” - Tiffany

countdown to tiffany’s birthday:

    ↳ D-day! - Happy Birthday our Brighter than Gem Tiffany!